Got Into Team Create For No Reason

Recently I Created a New Place on Studio. I Worked on it for a Few Hours then Published it. Then the Next time I opened the Place i see this stuff.


i was in Team Create for No Reason with just 1 Person (me.)
this wouldnt have been a Problem but…

This affects a bit of my “Already Slow Productivity”.
I Have only used Team Create for Places Created by Others for Commisions. I have never used Team Create for Myself so i have 0 Knowledge on how this Works.

so in Simple words :How do I get Out of this?

EDIT: I know this might not be the Category for this, but i have my reasons. I am not Sure if this is a Bug SO I did’nt post it in Bug Reports and Either way i dont have those Privileges. If you believe there is a better category for this please let me know instead of Flagging me.

Thank You.

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Just toggle on the Team Create window in the View bar, then from there you can disable it.

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Apearantly the Output was Covering the 3 Dots for Team Create Window. I Didnt know that Existed. Thank You.

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Just to note: whenever you publish a new place, Roblox automatically gives you the ability to toggle team create (it’s enabled on default).