GOWolfpack0808 /// Builder - Terrain Artist - Graphic Designer

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m GOWolfpack0808 and I specialize in 3 different areas of development. I specialize in building, graphic design and terrain. [Both smooth and triangular.]

I have been building for about a year and a half now. I started out with realism and tried some low-poly. I started my graphic designing journey a few months ago and have developed my skills in minimalist logo designs and graphics. I also, just recently, learned how to create and use the terrain editor that is built into ROBLOX Studio. In addition to, I also have experience with triangular terrain.

I enjoy developing but I rarely take building commissions. If I do, they are not long-term commissions but instead by the building or building pack. My graphic design commissions are usually open. Check below for an up to date list.

  • Building Commissions: :x:
  • Logo Commissions: :white_check_mark:
  • Terrain Commissions: :white_check_mark:

NOTE: I do not have a lot of full scenes, instead, just buildings and assets.


Toys in the toy store, trees, bottles, howitzer, jeep, guns, and some light fixtures are not mine.


Sorry for the poor watermarks on some. All rights of the Lufthansa logo are reserved to the Lufthansa Group.


Field decals and trees are not mine. Benches and trash cans in the city shots are not mine either.


My availability changes from day to day. However, must small builds can be finished in a day or 2. Larger builds can take 2 weeks. Graphic commissions do not usually take as long.

The times listed here are not set. They are estimations. Delivery times will vary based on the commission.

Prices are negotiable. I accept per-asset payment. I do not accept hourly payment or percentage. Prices do range based on the commission.

Minimum Prices:

All Commissions - :robux:1,000

Forms of Communication:

You can contact me on the Developer Forum: @GOWolfpack0808

  • Note: Contacting me over the DevForum will take longer.

Discord: Palmxtto#1180


I am considering doing building and terrain tutoring. This would include a set amount of time for the student to ask me questions and me to offer tips and tricks. It would be text messages only over Discord.

Studio Tutor?
  • Yes
  • No

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This work is amazing, I love your sense of realism into this work and I love it. Your terrain looks great, the variety in the terrain is outstanding. The graphics look nice and could use some improvement but it isn’t bad at all. Make sure to contact me, i’ll add you on Discord.

Love to hear the feedback! I’ll be in touch on Discord.

Sorry to ask but is that a skybox?

I just can’t believe my eyes, if it’s not then that’s really good

It is a skybox, yes. Taking a good picture is all in perspective :wink:

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So if that is a skybox, you didn’t creat nor build the models in that picture?

Yeah, just a little advice, don’t use skyboxes. I get the feeling of wanting to make it look good but it can backfire on you. Since some people might mistake it for one of your builds.

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Partly correct, the benches and trash cans were not created by me as stated. And as stated before, I do not create trees. I did, however, create the terrain and walkway. The terrain is not very visible due to the fence.

That’s why I put it under terrain, however, I will remove it when I can due to some confusion. I appreciate the feedback!

That’s understandable. I will remove it when I get to my computer since there seems to be some confusion. I appreciate the feedback!


Change Log 1.1:

  • New build photos added
  • New terrain photos added

March 9th, 2021