Grabbing ROBLOX Bundle ID

Morning everyone,

I’m trying to insert a few Official ROBLOX Packages into my game as skins.

I know the Usual ID assets work for:

game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset( ID HERE ).Parent = game.Workspace

However, the Assets are called “bundles” instead of Assets.


(7) Snow Queen - Roblox

But is there a way to load Bundle IDS easily into the game? I want to optimize my time while still grabbing a lot of ROBLOX packages.


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Hello Riley,

The asset ID of the (7) Snow Queen - Roblox is “187996626”.

I hope this can help out.

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How’d you get it?

I’d want to get numerous amount of IDs for the skin shop idea.

I’ll mark a solution once we can solve.

Also, inserting this asset with the “LoadAsset” script doesn’t work. :o

Can you get me the ID for Mr. Toilet?

I don’t know if you’re joking or not lol. But yea, I need the id, if someone could help :))

Here’s a plugin made by Stickmasterluke for importing bundles and loading them onto characters

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