Graceful theme doesn't work on Mobile

If they deleted your post, why did you repost it?
You also should be taking the problem here, not Discourse Meta, but it’s already been reported there anyways.

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I think this has something to do with the graceful theme being outdated on the Roblox DevForum.

I know that, and I was going to mention that in the reply but I forgot to.
Did you ever try the stylesheet PeZsmistic posted with Android Stylish? If that fixes your problem then it’s guaranteed the issue was the theme being outdated.

I would like to update this. First of all, the theme looks different somehow. The background isn’t as strong, I like it.

Anyhow, the bug is only mostly fixed. I actually only tried out this right now and discovered this.

It seems as if the text problem IS fixed. However, pictures can still get cropped out, as you can see text is fixed, overall media gets cut.

I will now be able to use Graceful again. It looks gorgeous, and by the way, I recommend you use it with the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” inside chrome://flags. It’s even better.

We are not providing full support for any theme other than standard light/dark themes. The reason for this is that these custom themes are not appropriately being kept up-to-date with the latest Discourse versions.

We officially support the “Dark” and “Default” themes going forward. The other themes are left in as legacy features since there are still some people using these themes.