Graffitown Alpha

Hi Guys!

I’m close to finish my recent minigame project, Graffitown!

This is a “spray paint” game (like the most popular one, Sewer) but with some cool additions! The idea came less than a week ago, this is where the project arrived!

  • Paint on unanchored / moving objects (like car, balls)
  • use special materials, like Neon and forcefield (use left bottom buttons to choose)
  • arts of players leaving the game will remain for a while and “erode” slowly
  • clever fill between points system
  • part optimization system
  • “hold to grow” paint (hold down mouse button to grow radius)
  • and may some more, I don’t remember all :slight_smile:

What is NOT working now (BUT to be done):

  • no “report abuse” function, no voting for kick, no anticheat
  • no spray amount limit (probably lag when one decides to spray a huuuge amount)
  • no “hide player/hide all” function
  • the world is really small, just some cloned buildings and vehicles
  • no monetization yet (some feature will be for R$)
  • no advertisement (so players will join mostly when read this post only :slight_smile:
  • no save your arts

Some GUI elements look noob, will be better in days
Thanx to XSticcy for his great help!

I hope you test the game and leave me some comments about your experience! :slight_smile:


Hello Guys!

I added some procedural generated “favela”-like building blocks to the place.
Also, a crane (with a moving platform) and some regular buildings (to climb up) added to the environment.


The game is really “in progress”, but if you are interested in procedural generated contents and you like painting with even a neon spray, just visit the place and take a walk or drive the car around :slight_smile:

Day-night cycle added!

Also, freecam is available.
Some bugs may exists, this is just a progress update.

Many feature is not available yet - I’m working on them.

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings about this expreience!

May you like to join to my Roblox group, that would be a pleasure to me! :slight_smile:

Update with cool night lights!


really great game, creative with the spray paint on moving objects, however bugs occur when painting the cars (like being unable to erase it)

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Ty for your comments!

I experienced some bugs too, I work on to fix them!

It’s similar to this game (NEON) Spray Paint! - Roblox

but still nice job.

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Never seen but I check it out, ty! :slight_smile:

I try to add some creativity, some things seem to be easy but they are hard to code.


A giant, 100% procedural generated city to spray around :slight_smile:
Towers, “favela”-like blocks, big walls to paint on
Car to drive around
And many more!

(It was a very effective Saturday…)

The biggest update so far!

  • Many bug fixed while painting a huge amount or painting on moving objects
  • Realtime calculation of the painted / deleted / optimized points
  • Bug fixes when changing tools


GUI will be improved next week (currently some tools have no label or any interface).
Probably some voting system will be added too.

I feel like it is very close to be released soon!

A serious update is out there, close to be a client release!

  • optimized client to server drawings upload
  • spray visual & sound effects added
  • some small fixes

Finally! :slight_smile:

Graffitown’s game engine is in alpha phase.


The environment will be redesigned soon while the GUI design is more or less ready. Some important features are still missing, but they are in the pipeline.

Group membership guarantees some extra features for the players (and more will come later), feel free to join to Apafey Studio group!

Gamepass for early birds is available in the alpha version on a discounted price and it remains valid without any time limit. The final price is proposed to be 79R$ in the final game.

I hope the game can work quite stable on a public server / multiplayer environment, I would be more than happy if you could test is and share your experiences with me.