Grand Blox Auto V Official Screenshots Part 2

NOTICE: Images are low quality due to devforum compresion.

(Alpha Realistic grass - dev preview)


UPDATE: StreamingEnabled may be enabled in the future if the game becomes unstable due to the new grass.
On a high end computer i get a solid 60 fps without StreamingEnabled for now.

UPDATE 2: Sadly, the grass can’t be a psychical object due to the Roblox engine lag and the computers from now. Maybe in 2077?

UPDATE 3: The grass amount will not be as big as excepted due to the Roblox engine lag.

Are you making a GTA game or is this just a project of creating locations? Looks cool btw

It’s a super realist gta clone but on roblox

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Looks cool, but trees are all floating


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looks nice but like the grass isn’t directly on there, the buildings aren’t realistic kind of and the trees aren’t different from each other and just… floating

Because they were inserted with the brush tool and i will fix it

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Because they were painted with the brush tool but i will also post Grand Blox Auto V Screenshots part 3 and they will show mega realist shadows, pbr texture and lugthing.

I would love to see a video of the gameplay of this game. It is really exciting to see a new competitor coming in, maybe you can build some hype by showing gameplay?

For now, the builds look great, but then again, it looks more like a showcase than an actual game.

I will show a gameplay (only graphical because the game doesn’t have scripts now) and i will also show the euphoria ragdoll thing.
But the game is still not fully textured so in the meantime i will post screenshots.

The trailer is also going to be released soon.

Screenshots looks great but I don’t know exactly if this type of game is allowed under ToS

Watch this get taken down by Rockstar Games.


It sure does look like you didn’t make the map and just took it from the toolbox and didn’t fix the trees.

The pictures aren’t low quality because of the devforum compression, they’re not even 1920x1080.

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Come on man, you aren’t even trying here.

And I swear I’ve seen the the buildings in the picture before.

EDIT: I knew it was from Super Power Training!

Amazing photos! Just one thing.

Are you planning to publish and make money out of this? Necause if you do…

Copyright Infringment: Allow me to introduce myself

what does steaming enabled do again? Kinda forgot.

The top image does look rather nice, with the texturing n all, but that bottom one? There’s a massive contrast in detail, which makes sense since looking at replies here; those buildings seem to be leaked.

Also, ain’t you the guy who made a fake post about implementing RTX lighting and 4k textures into Roblox that got taken down?

Yep, he is.

Anyways, how is this ‘alpha realistic grass’? You have just taken a grass model from the toolbox and painted it, if you haven’t just used terrain decoration.