Grand Blox Auto V Official Screenshots

NOTE: The screenshot is not high quality due to devforum image compression.

Bar (PBR Textures, No pp effects)

Bar (Cinematic Scene + PBR Textures + PP Effects)

Bar (PBR Textures + PP Effects)

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Now that’s something right there

The lighting seems kind of off, it should cover more space. Also, with a name like that I wouldn’t be surprised if R* or Roblox came knocking with a DMCA.

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On the staircase why are the bricks going diagonally?

It’s a bug and it will be fixed soon.

Quick question, although I think I already know the answer: is this the 5th game in the Grand Blox Auto series like the name implies? Nice screenshots by the way, the lighting on the last one in particular looks great.

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Candles and a modern cash register right next to each other? Am I missing something here? Consider some lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling as an alternative to the current lighting setup.

The detail and realism is fantastic, especially the lightings and effects on the candle, great work!

this is so cool nice vibes XDDD

Did you make every model in the scene?

I doubt it, as there is a mix of meshes and CSG objects.

The quality seems inconsistent, the quality on the bar is nice while the ones on the outer doesn’t match the quality of the bar. The lighting seems poorly made, the light colour of the candle does not match the colour light it emits. The light passes through objects like the pool table, and the shadows are barely noticable except for the second image. The textures go at an angle at angled parts and doesnt match the textures beside it. The bar lacks things of what a bar would actually have such as drinks, bottles etc.

Just for note:

Why are you saying he didn’t make the things?
That is because I gave solid proof that he didn’t make any of the things in his eariler posts, if you check them you’ll see me in a few of them. So there’s a very big chance he made absaloutly nothing in the screenshot.

How are you able to get PBR textures to work on normal parts? I’ve been trying to do this, but it tells me it only works on mesh parts?