Grand Celeste Patch Notes 2/14/2021 1.0.2

Building Fixes

  • Fixed waterfall inside Game Room
  • Added metal detectors when entering into Game Room
  • Fixed visual glitch in the elevator on floor one elevator
  • Adjusted lighting in top side room connected to atrium
  • Added new dropship on helipad
  • Fixed railings on the stairs at atrium

Scripting Fixes

  • Fixed computer at Office of the Grand Advisor showing infocenter

Audio Fixes

  • Fixed audio triggers not working in some elevators.
  • Fixed steam sound for the pipes not correctly playing audio
  • Fixed audio not changing to interior when walking in then out of the balcony

Other Changes

  • Removed group ban on 4904285


  • Currently we are investigating other issues with lag.

If you find any issues in Grand Celeste please post them in #-bugs in Sparrow Corp Channels. SPC will now we reviewing all building glitches and cosmetic errors in game.

Play the game HERE