Grandfather clock feedback

This is my first attempt to create a clock like this! Any tips how i can make it even better? Some Assets were modeled in blender by me. Your feedback would be very aprecciated :slight_smile:


epic build my g
i like it
whats that black circle in the middle
whats that golden thing poking out of the black circle
did you model all of it or some of it
if all of it you are epic
if some of it you [how much of it you modeled] percent epic


It looks amazing! The corners are smooth where they need to be, the corners are sharp where they need to be. The textures are good, if you were to add this to A game I’d add a animation for the clock to tick in a infinite loop.

Overall it’s the best grandfather clock model I’ve ever seen, then again you never see
People putting so much effort into

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I modeled the entire clock. :slight_smile:

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Looks amazing! Nice work :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks good! Looks a bit too slender though. I don’t know if that’s because of the angle you put as the picture, but if you widen it out on the sides a bit I think it would look good!

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Honestly I don’t know how you did it, but that’s incredible! :smiley:

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Only some? So does that mean the majority was stolen? :thinking:

The only suggestion I’d give is to make sure the wood grain texture runs the length of each piece of ‘wood’ that you have in the clock. It’s hard to tell from the size of the image, but it appears you have things like the turned posts on the corners and the side boards on the front door with the wood grain running crossways.
Take a look at dowels, boards, siding, table legs and other items made of wood. Almost all of the time the grain (lines) in the wood run the length of the board, not the width.

I think that your grandfather clock is magnificent. You have created a lovely model. Well done to you.

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I did everything, i forgot to mention that i made it from parts and meshes, by “some” i meant only mesh parts that i modeled.

It looks amazing! If you are looking for things to add I would suggest random designs in the wood at the bottom of the clock. This doesn’t have to be anything special, just like swirls and lines.

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I used multiple refferences, so it might look like it :smiley: Because one clock in my refference was thin like this one.

Oh okay got it. Maybe you should be a bit more clear in the future :smile:

This is insanely good and insanely cool. I love it!

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This is a pretty neat looking grandfather clock you got there. I think it needs to be a little wider but it’s still a great grandfather clock!

Thank you for letting me know!