"Grant access to the destination experience" Means?

Hello everyone. So I was trying to publish a game with audio in it from other creators (marketplace) and I got this message that says: “Grant access to the destination experience”? Can anyone tell me what this means in full detail because it sounds like it’s making me grant the other person access to my game just because they contributed an audio asset. Or does this simply mean just grant them access to the experience so I can use their audio and that’s it- they won’t have any control or influence or access upon my game? Thank you guys so much.

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No, it won’t give the audio creator access to your game. If the audio uploader has set permissions for the audio to be publicly usable, pressing that button will make the prompt go away. If it’s private and you attempt to grant permission, it will error about you not having permission to use it. It’s a weird set of words they use to basically ask “do you have permission to use this?”


Thank you for taking the time to answer this, really appreciate it.

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