Granting audio access to games doesn't work part 2

What is the game? It sounds like the owners check gamepass purchases and grant permissions off of who buys them, but it could be that you need to message them first. I am just pointing out what Roblox officially says, and they say that you need to have the correct permissions to give a game the permissions to use an audio.

The documentation is still super unspecific and shows examples of other cases but doesn’t show this error. I’m not trying to use someone else’s audio, and I think the case scenario being shown in the documentation is when you try to create a new experience with private audio which the audio uploader hasn’t shared permission with; essentially, I don’t think that example being shown in the documentation is the one that I’m dealing with. I’m trying to share my audio that I uploaded, so I obviously have permissions from my audio, and I don’t see where the documentation states that a developer has to approve me sharing my audio with the game. That just doesn’t make sense and I’d like to see where that feature or process is on the developer’s side, if that’s the case, since the documentation doesn’t elaborate on either of these things.

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It’s called rBreach by ancientroboman: SCP rBreach - Roblox

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Exactly. There shouldn’t be a need for developers to manually approve each audio when they can just check when an asset ID is inputted into the text box. It clearly tries to use the audio, since when I input my audio asset ID into the box, I see in the console that it tries to load the audio upon death, but it fails to since I am unable to share my audio with the game due to the error when trying to share the audio.

btw, I’m agreeing that this should be automatic; the game should just check to make sure you own the gamepass when you input your asset ID into the box then attempt to load the audio upon death, assuming you were able to successfully share your audio with the game to make sure it is able to load the audio.

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“If you are qualified to grant permission to the new experience — for example if both experiences are owned by you or groups you belong to …”

I dunno, to me it pretty clearly says that you need to have permissions given to you by the developers to be able to add audio permissions to a game.

This is all because of that audio privacy update to reduce how much copyright infringement was going around because of that hundred million dollar lawsuit they got served by some national union of music production or whatever it was called. This was the compromise: restrict audio usage to improve moderation at some later date, or get shut down.

Three months after it slapped Roblox with a $200 million lawsuit alleging “rampant” copyright infringement , the National Music Publishers Assn.

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I have no clue then how the developers were able to manually approve so many custom audios into the game, especially when there is no prompt for them since this error make me unable to even attempt to share the audio with the game. That’s why I asked earlier how this looks on the developer side, and if there is a setting to allow/disallow audio sharing with the game.

This is all because of that audio privacy update to reduce how much copyright infringement was going around because of that hundred million dollar lawsuit they got served by some national union of music production or whatever it was called. This was the compromise: restrict audio usage to improve moderation at some later date, or get shut down.

I get that, but the game already automatically loads player audio when an asset ID is inputted (or rather attempts to, the console shows a thrown in-game error when trying to load an unshared audio). This clearly isn’t the developer failing to manually approve my audio either, because the error immediately stops me from even attempting to share it with the game; it doesn’t send an approval request or anything. You also don’t need to directly ask the developer to put it in the game, simply because there is no system for this and also way too many users for manual requests (just try me I know). The only plausible explanation I’m thinking is that there is a new setting which disables audio sharing whatsoever, which still doesn’t make sense since there are private audios still being used by people in the game, or that this is still an annoying bug, or some other explanation or new feature I’m unaware of (correct me again if I’m wrong).

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I’m relatively certain there isn’t, that sort of feels like it would just sidestep everything that was changed the audio privacy update. Who would be complaining boomboxes wouldn’t work anymore when it’s just a simple toggle on the developer’s side to make them work again?

A few months ago I tried to use a custom audio for the game Arsenal - it has a “megaphone” emote that lets you input an audio ID. An intended element of the game that you could have wasted money on because you can buy it with an in-game currency that can be bought for Robux… Surprise surprise, it wouldn’t play because it needed someone on the development team to manually approve it.

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How come people are still using their own shared private audios then? Is it just new attempts to share that are being blocked? I would imagine I’d be seeing more frustration with this then, though I haven’t been very active.

I’ll go try Arsenal and see if it works

Unless there is something I am missing, the developers would have had to approve their audio. Maybe they have a bot that automatically approves player-submitted audio, and you just need to submit it somewhere?

Oh yes, there was plenty frustration when this came out. More than 4000 replies on the original thread, lots of them pretty upset. There were a ton of YouTube videos too.

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I’m back; had to use the new games api to get Arsenal’s universe id since the original is discontinued. Didn’t matter anyway, because the same error happened with arsenal; I try to save changes after putting the universe id and it throws the same error. I have no clue how people are using their custom audio since I know for a fact they didn’t get special permission from the developer but whatever I guess. I really don’t know what to do, I guess I got scammed?

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Can’t you just contact the developer and ask them?

He’s been like basically dead for at least a year.

Dude, this audio update too was announced like what, two years ago? What the hell is going on? People are losing robux because of this and functionality is completely broken, and for some reason they can’t just readd audio sharing. The audio sharing feature used to work clearly but now it doesn’t. This is just ridiculous; they’ve left everyone in the dark and issues continue to come up because of it.

Nothing should have changed recently. How do you know that there isn’t some other way people are getting their audios in game? Maybe there’s another developer still working it? After all, the game was last updated 2 months ago. Maybe they just haven’t been bothered to approve audios since then?

That’s the developers fault if they promised it would work. Roblox even made audio uploads free, if anything, they reduced how much you’ve been scammed by, if you have been scammed.

wait omg

I’m gonna try an audio under 6 seconds, maybe it will work.

ok so an older one that is under 6 seconds is public and works in the game, but a new one i uploaded isnt. it also might have to do with being “verified”, my account isnt even verified but it says that im not unverified while my other account isnt, and that one doesnt get its under 6 second audio public but my “verified” one does (again im not even verified it just doesnt say that im unverified unlike my other account), its super complicated and unclear, roblox did a really bad job at making this clear and concise.

nvm even uploading from this account with an under 6 seconds doesnt make it public, maybe they stopped making things even under 6 seconds public? or i just gotta wait a bit, idk ill see

It could be given to members of a group or something. It’s possible to do that with Team Create.

I guess maybe you must have that permission or some other permission level to any given game to share audio to it now. Trying to make your audio public works and can be used in the game and likely others if successful, which is only possible if the audio is under 6 seconds from my experience, however they aren’t immediately made public. I only even know this from my experimentation and from others, none of this is stated in the audio privacy documentation unless it’s state in a different documentation page which is just horrible practice. Maybe it was stated in some devforum post about this update, but I didn’t see it. In any case, still very bad organization on Roblox’s part.

I’m gonna try to ask others to see if they found any other ways around this, however I hope anyone else can come and drop their thoughts here.

Overall, I think Roblox implementation of these audio updates was very poor, even with the extremely long timeframe. These audio rules and policies with private and public audio and audio sharing have changed over time, and documentation and organization on this clearly have not caught up despite more than enough time. Although we were able to figure this out with some experimenting and documentation, it could and should have been much more streamlined, with more documentation on that error message (the documentation does not show any example or speak on that specific error, only one in studio with a completely different case scenario shown) and more clarity on the requirements and specifications for audio publicity. Overall, given the amount of time Roblox had to make this more clear to users, they haven’t done so, and I’m not the only one who thinks this. We shouldn’t have had to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t and how Roblox would react and allow sharing or not or make it public or not; essentially, we shouldn’t have had to troubleshoot on our own and the and the documentation and specifications for different things should’ve been more clear, as this error was completely missing from the documentation and was only mentioned un specifically on the side, with “permissions” being extremely vague. The audio publicity feature was also vague; are all audio 6 seconds made public after a short period of time, or only some? If only some, what dictates which audios are made public and which aren’t? Roblox has just failed to be clear on many fronts about these changes for way too long and continue to do long after this was announced.


Anyways, you should ask Roblox Support, they should answer you.

I’ll try that to see if I can get more transparency. I’ve put the link to this post into this, as it’s relevant.

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