Grapejuice - Easily run Roblox on Linux

Nope, this occurs when Roblox notices something unexpected happening on your device, it’s got nothing to do with the devs of that specific game.

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I have one question before switching to Linux
Does playing Roblox via Grapejuice is slower performance-wise when compared to playing Roblox in Windows?
I probably should mention that I’m referring to Roblox Player, not Roblox Studio

No. It is way faster, as linux is not full of bloatware and slow built-in apps.


Performance in setups with custom built optimized WINE with DXVK appear to be equal or slightly faster in FPS in comparison to Windows, but this is just anecdotal evidence from a few individuals on the Grapejuice discord. Your results may vary.


I’ve been using roblox on Pop!_OS for a little over a month now, and my framerates are almost consistently matching or better than those on my windows 10 installation on the same laptop-- even with old hardware and integrated graphics. I strongly suggest using DXVK though, as if it were not for that, my answer would be the opposite.

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Another option would be using FFlagDebugGraphicsPreferVulkan to bypass DXVK and use Vulkan directly.

[FLog::Graphics] Vulkan Device: AMD RADV NAVI10 (ACO)
[FLog::Graphics] Vulkan Device: Vendor 1002 Device 731f
[FLog::Graphics] Vulkan Device: Driver 21.1.6 (88084486)
[FLog::Graphics] Vulkan Device: API 1.2.168

This might not be the best solution for some users (and FFlags could be nuked with every new version), but when it works, it has the potential to be much better than on Windows without any FFlags.

Unfortunately, I can’t compare performance because most PCs can’t boot from disk images and GPU passthrough is pain.

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Before DXVK I used FFlags and forced Vulkan, but in my case DXVK has worked much better so far. Studio is not a very big fan of Vulkan, either.

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As of last Roblox update, a lot of the Wine staging builds don’t work with the game client anymore. If you are experiencing issues with the game client crashing, you should consider switching to a vanilla build of Wine. We are currently narrowing down the issue in the Grapejuice Discord server.


Can you make it so grapejuice ignores the update-desktop-database and xdg-user-dirs programs if they don’t exist instead of erroring out? I’ve been having to put different applications at those locations on my path to prevent grapejuice from exiting with an error.

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Grapejuice requires/assumes your system is fully freedesktop compliant. These two programs are a requirement of a fully functioning modern desktop. They’ve been added to the Grapejuice dependencies explicitly as well, because people with “minimal” configurations usually don’t have them installed. If you do not install these two programs, your system is simply not compatible.

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It does not seem to work on arch.

You should add more details, as it’s definitely an issue on your end. Works fine on Arch Linux for me.

nvm i fixed it
it has not installed the Dependencies

Alright. Just asked because adding empty bash scripts in place of those two programs seems to fix it, so evidently they’re not hard requirements by Grapejuice.

@Brinker7 Does Grapejuice work on Zorin OS 16? The download page (wiki) has it only listed as Zorin OS 15.2 working properly. I’ve been having some problems, such as grapejuice not even starting up. I don’t know if this is related, so I just wanted to ask so you could update the download page if it is functional.

Yes Grapejuice works on Zorin 16. Grapejuice itself is just Python after all. Just mind that you need a version of Wine that is higher than 6.11. You can get the from the WineHQ repositories using a build from either the staging or devel branch. Just keep in mind that at the moment the WineHQ repositories are broken due to a bug: WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 51746 – 6.17 WineHQ packages depend on libvkd3d1 1.2 (Debian 11 & Testing, Ubuntu 20.04 & 21.04)

Will there be support for an fps unlocker?

The feature to install the Roblox FPS unlocked was contributed by a community member a while ago. It hasn’t been properly mentioned in update logs yet because I’ve been having a severe lack of time :frowning:

Its only a button away in the Grapejuice gui:


Is there a way to pass environmental variables to Roblox? I need to do this for dual GPU reasons.
I’m also having issues with camera movement in Studio, where a little bit of mouse movement makes my camera move a lot.

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Hey there, I’ve been trying to use grapejuice but I have an issue : So I installed wine 6.18 and grapejuice itself but when I click the “install roblox” button it doesn’t do anything…

EDIT : I think it kind of installed roblox but when I click “roblox studio” in the grapejuice gui it tells me it’s not installed and when I try to launch it from Firefox on the roblox website it asks me to launch it and then nothing happens…