Grapejuice - Easily run Roblox on Linux

Surprisingly I found in Arch it ran the worst, the player was good in all of the OSes though. It did have quite a few problems but they only occurred on resource-intensive games but it is incomparably better than the studio.

You are better of not using it at all tbh unless you have no other option. There’s barely any maintenance.

Ouch, not to be rude though, that seems to be mostly for you.
I haven’t had any of what you’ve mentioned, nor have many other people :slight_smile: It may be your hardware? NVidia GPU?

Either way, that makes a lot more sense now, but I still hold my point that just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean that it’s not a perfectly viable option for most people.

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I don’t think so, people on this thread have reported pretty much almost every single problem I have had in the past more than once.

Quite a lot actually. Now obviously these issues varied in severity from the OS. Mint performed the worst but on Grapejuice’s defense it states that there’s no support for ubuntu-based distrobutions. Performance was mostly terrible although not always, sometimes it would be just usable up to some point although with quite a few drawbacks which wasn’t up to my standards.

Definitely not, and nope not a NVidia GPU. Grapejuice is my only negative experience, if there were any issues hardware related I would’ve caught them early on since I do use wine to run some other resource-intensive applications.

I wouldn’t say perfectly viable because even people who have had positive experience with Grapejuice have listed quite a lot of drawbacks. Either way I just wanted to suggest the alternative of using a VM considering most people here are either asking for help or had a negative experience. It definitely doesn’t hurt to try Grapejuice and see if it up to your standards before doing that though ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There is some inconsistency in your reviews.

Here you are said two OS’s (or “distros”) had the worst performance, Linux Mint and Arch Linux.

Since hardware is not the issue, then what about software?

Have you installed GPU drivers?

  • NVidia drivers (there are two: nvidia and nvidia LTS, for Linux and Linux LTS kernel respectively)?

CPU driver (xorg)?

  • xf86-video-intel?

Installed 3D graphics library, “Vulkan”? There are multiple packages for this and it varies by distro. The CPU and GPU drivers should already provide support for the OpenGL graphics library by default, but Vulkan is the successor to OpenGL, so you should install it.

Since you said both Linux Mint and Arch Linux were the worst, I can only assume you didn’t have Vulkan installed in both cases when you ran Roblox Studio with Grapejuice installed.

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Mint performed worse than Arch but considering it’s not supported it only makes sense not to be as performant. Arch on the other hand is a supported OS for the tool. I thought I had clarified this on the reply above, apologies for any confusion.

When I said that there’s no hardware issues I also implied that there are no driver issues. I have an amd processor & GPU so the drivers I have are different to the ones u mentioned and yes I do have vulkan installed.

Its joever. Roblox recently released Byfron, and they intentionally blocked wine from running roblox.


(post deleted by author)

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Any new (official) updates regarding the new block on wine with the new byfron client?

It’s not literal wine… Wine is a Linux program that will allow you to run some Windows programs. Grapejuice uses it to run Roblox, as Roblox cannot be run on Linux.

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grapejuice will be shut down because of byfron…

even a roblox staff said that it’s intentional


I know this; I was replying to the text in the spoiler

This is probably the last update. Quite a lot has happened surrounding Roblox on Linux in the past couple of weeks. Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first.

Roblox has decided to block Wine on the Player with the rollout of the 64-bit Hyperion client. Studio is highly unstable and nearly unusable at the moment. That means using Roblox on Wine pretty much dead in the water. People are finding alternative ways to play Roblox on Linux using Android emulators, but it’s not ideal.

There are some new posts on my older thread that clarified that there probably won’t be any improvements in the situation for quite a while.

Now let’s get on to the more positive aspect. I’ve been advocating for Roblox on Linux since 2017. Much has changed since then. Most of it has been positive. The main reason for sticking to it is that I really believe that some people shouldn’t be blocked in their tech career choices. Many tech careers require you to be knowledgeable at Linux. Not being able to work on their favourite game engine / platform is a significant roadblock for many. Over the years I’ve received messages from people that have started their career in tech because of Grapejuice, so that goal of the project was a major success!

I created Grapejuice in 2019, which is just over 4 years ago. In that time its grown to proportions that I never expected it would. On the devforum, the Grapejuice thread has grown to be the most viewed in in the Community Resources category. The app now has nearly 200,000 tracked installations and the Discord server has reached nearly 4,000 members. The actual number of people using Grapejuice is probably much higher, but I never added active telemetry.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to the project and stuck around for the ride. I’m really grateful.

Finally, a list of everyone that contributed and stuck around. Love you guys :heart:


Thank you Brinker.

It was fun while it lasted.


I started trying out Grapejuice in 2019, and I have used it into 2023. I never understood the stability issues because I only committed to Linux on my laptop. I’ll probably transition my desktop to Linux before the end of the month with my outstanding hardware issues resolved. Even with the current issues, I still plan to use Grapejuice.

I do have some good news to bear for those who are fine with setting up virtual machines with VFIO for hardware passthrough: Hyperion is very easy to please in Windows virtual machines. At the time of writing, all you need to do to make Hyperion not crash you on start is to enable Hyper-V in your guest Windows VM. I don’t see Roblox’s reasoning for blocking VMs to apply to Hyper-V as it is Microsoft’s enterprise-grade and secure hypervisor. Time will tell (and any replies to this, possibly) will tell if the last way to do Roblox (client) in any way on a Linux host is possible. For now though, while Roblox is making Roblox on Linux hard, we aren’t out of this yet.


Thank you Brinker and all the contributors of WINE and Grapejuice

I think we need to come together to develop an open-source Roblox and port it to Linux :tongue:


Thank you Brinker, WINE and everyone

We have to do a new roblox linux port :b
I hope it will be possible :muscle:


It looks like it’s my job to link some good news:

That is no longer necessary:
I remember seeing some post in #development-discussion saying that the source was leaked in 2016. Not sure where to find it, but this is probably a viable very difficult to accomplish option.


This is not legal, nor plausible to accomplish.


So, this means if someone were to fix Grapejuice to get it to install studio again, it could theoretically work?


I believe so. They said the internal engine bug was fixed.

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