[Graphic Artist + Manager.] Tal's Portfolio

  • This portfolio is outdated–I will be updating it soon.

Graphic Design Commissions: :red_circle: CLOSED–Lack of motivation, opening soon.
Management Commissions: :red_circle: CLOSED–No time to manage teams at the moment.

about me

Hello, my name is Tal. I am a young, female Developer, specializing in a multitude of items, including;

Graphic Art

I joined ROBLOX in March, 2016 and began creating Graphic Art during 2017. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘professional’ Graphic Artist, but I’d say I’m pretty experienced.



  • Project management.
  • Community management.
  • Social Media management.
  • Game design.


Graphic Art


Fighting Genre

bomb survival watermarked

'Aesthetic' Genre


I have not created icons in a bit, however, I still specialize in this category as well.

Fighting Genre

If you wish to have content like below [minus the swords that look extremely false], I can still produce that for you, though obviously with real models. The GFX was made a year ago, when I first began bending limbs (I only used Blender in '17 + '18 to render my avatars) and didn’t know much about modeling.

untitled (1)|600x00)


Currently updating my showcasing for this section.


Please, be aware that I live in California, PDT.
I am available almost every weekday, though I am most definitely not available on Saturdays. On Sundays, I often am, but more often not.


Mon-Fri: Whenever I get the chance to hop on, I’ll be available. I probably will go online around 3 or 4 PM if not earlier.
Saturday: Never. I am never, ever available on Saturdays. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
Sunday: As stated before, I am normally not active on Sundays. However, when I am, I will usually be on around 1 PM if not earlier.


I only accept :robux:. Prices depend on the complexity of the GFX or the tasks I have as a Manager.

Graphic Art
  • GFX Icon: 600 - 2,000 robux [temp price, hurry!]
  • GFX Thumbnail: 700 - 5,000 - robux [temp price, hurry!]

Prices are negotiable. I will accept percentages, so long as the prices are reasonable. Below are a few of the base prices;

Game Design

  • Slides: 100 - 500 Robux.
  • Reference Images: 5 Robux each.

Community Management

  • Events: 100 - 1,000 Robux, depending on the complexity of the event.

Project Management

  • Every Developer hired: 10 - 20 Robux per person.
  • Every post made (Developer Forum): 40-50 Robux each

Social Media Management

  • Per Tweet or Post: 5 Robux each
  • Per follower: 1 Robux each
  • Per large YouTuber, Developer: 10 Robux each


  • I am available via Discord. [tal #2380]
  • If I do not respond within 1-2 business weeks, email me. [swaggyrobloxdev@gmail.com]
  • If you must, I am available through ROBLOX itself or the Developer Forum. It may take me a bit long to respond to you, though. My username is englishtests.

terms of service

When working with me, there are guidelines that you are required to follow.

  • Do not rush me.
    Whether making a GFX for you or managing your group, both take time. Professional, clean Graphic Art takes time and effort alongside producing slides for you. Please give me a minimum of two weeks to complete the slides.
  • Do not be picky.
    I’m sure a lot of you know this, but just in case; when you are picky to an employee, they often lose motivation in the task they are assigned. In this case, creating slides or GFX Art for you. If there are imperfections, go ahead and let me know, however, criticizing my work and responding with ‘uh’ or ‘um’ makes the employee feel like what they are doing is awful, which causes them to lose motivation, thus producing a low-quality ending. This goes for both management and Graphic Art.
  • When managing your group, allow me to get in contact with your Developers.
    If I am able to contact your Developers, I can send reference pictures, give them advice and overall communicate with them a lot easier.
  • Do not troll, cuss, threaten, lie, scam or waste my time.
    This will result in an automatic block. If you end up scamming me, legal action will be taken against you. If you harrass, insult or cuss me out whilst I am under employment for you, I have the right to resign.
  • Percentages.
    When offering me percentages, I will only accept if there is guaranteed payment, meaning, you have backup payment in case the game fails. I would like proof of the funds via screen recording.
  • My rights.
    I have the right to decline your offer and/or request. If I feel you are untrustworthy, I will decline. If I feel you will scam me, I will decline. If you want a 50 character GFX and you want to pay me 200 Robux, I will negotiate with you. Still, if you do not raise the price, I will decline, as that is considered a scam.

the process

Graphic Art

If you wish to hire me as your GFX Artist, I will construct a GFX for you. There will normally be a wait, so you must prepare for that. Please do not offer me 200 Robux when asking me to produce a GFX with 5 characters. If you wish to pay me 200 Robux, you will have a low quality GFX, which will not have a modeled background, but rather a fake one. The poses will not be as complex as I normally do, as that is what 200 Robux is worth.


Game Design
When designing you game, I will give and produce a slideshow, including logo ideas, title ideas, map ideas, UI references, themes and much more. I will design the appearance of the game and the basic settings. I will share the slideshow with you upon completion for review.

Community Manager
As a community manager, I will set up events with collaborations for any special occasion. I will plan the event carefully and make sure nothing goes wrong. Before hosting or publishing the event, I will go over everything with you.

Project Manager
This is one of the larger tasks. When hired to manage the entire project, I will create a recruitment post via the Developer Forum. All recruitment posts include a custom banner, details on how the job is going to go, and details on payment. I will also gladly accept friend requests on my Discord. If I feel they are preeminent or what you are looking for, I will send you their assets and tag so you may review them. I will put together the times [and days] the team will work on the game and ensure the times work for all Developers. I will handle any questions they have and, if unsure, I’ll send them to you.

Social Media Management
If hired to manage your social medias, I will create a Twitter, Instagram, Discord etc account named after your team or, whatever you’d like it to be named. I will then post daily, weekly or monthly posts, depending on what you ask for. Remember, prices will vary depending on how often you want me to post. We may discuss the prices in private if you wish to have me manage your Discord server.

I look forward to working with you.



Nice examples! I might hire you in the future!

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I’m looking forward to working with you!

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It says you are a graphics artist so, just wondering, do you do ui design too?

Unfortunately, I do not specialize in UI Design. I’m learning, yes, but I do not take on job offers at the moment, as I do not want to disappoint my client until I’m experienced in that category.

Thank you for your interest, however.


Can you DM me? IcyScandle#8007 I’m interested.