GRAPHIC DESIGN - Feedback needed & updates

Hello! I have recently uploaded a graphic on the forum, with the feedback I have created a graphic in my opinion that is good, but I have a question. How do you make it more cleared when I am using If you have any updates that you would like to recommend, please do so.

Picture -


contrast between text, background


I’m not a gfx artist here but I do consider myself intermediate at

When I do text in front of an image I usually use the glow effect under “Effects”. Duplicate the text layer and put it under the original text, after that color it whatever you wish the outline to be, use the glow tool and bang you got some contrast between the image and text. You can duplicate the glow layer, or just keep using the effect whatever makes it look good to you!

Hope this helped!

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I like where the text is at it but what I would do is make the image a little bit darker it looks really bright and some of the text is camouflaging threw the sand. Auto level is a useful tool on I use it some times if there is alot going on in my icons or thumbnails.There is also curves as well which adjusts the colors of the image if you want it brighter or darker. Here is what I did to your icon with the curves tool

See how the text is alot more balanced with the background now? Anyways that is what I would do but I hope this gives you a good example of what to do to your icon.

Here is a article on curves in website.


I do have curves downloaded. But thank you very much for the feedback. I do see how bright it is, and I am trying to fix it.

Yes, sir/ma’am. You have great taste! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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