Graphic Design for Horror Game, Thoughts?

Heya! This is my first post on the dev fourms, and I just kinda wanted to share some GFX I made for my horror game. As you can obviously tell, its based around old carnivals and such. Ill be using this for a short segment for my game. Some feedback can really help, so don’t be afraid to tell me your thoughts!


I would recommend replacing the clown with a Roblox-version of a clown. It would seem to fit more into the fact that this horror game is on Roblox, after all.

Otherwise, I don’t see anything else that needs major improvement for me, so keep it up! :yum:


Hey there, thanks for replying. I like your suggestions, but the realistic looking clown does kind of bring some eeriness, at least to me. But I will take your suggestion into notice and probably use it for future reference.
And thank you, I’ve kind of had a struggle with this piece so it isn’t my best work :smile:, but thank you overall. :slight_smile:


Looks pretty good! The only important thing I’d point out would be how small the time text is (unless you want it to be overlooked on purpose, perhaps for plot reasons), otherwise, try to make it bigger, along with other important text such as the title.

You can keep it as is, but I’d really recommend you to play around with fonts, colors, shapes, and sizes, circus flyers are supposed to look fun and funky after all! Having the same text color, font, and size on the whole GFX can make it look a bit plain, so try playing around a bit with the hierarchy of the information. Here are a few references you can take inspiration from for future assets!


There are also lots of templates online that can give you a headstart on how to organize the text, so you can use those as well since they’re really simple to work with! I hope these tips can help you out a little, I wish you the best of luck :wink:

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Thank you for the suggestions! Although I didn’t really necessarily think of making the time text bigger, I should, it could be a little Easter egg for plot points.

And the 3rd reference photo, I will be definitely using! Thank you for the suggestions, I will def be making more. *Fun fact, I was listening to “Being for The Benefit of Mr. Kite” while making the poster, great song for the type of thing I made. :smile:

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Nice! This looks good! I recommend replacing the clown with a Roblox avatar clown since it would look better and fit in better with Roblox.

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Hey there, thanks for replying, and thank you!
But, as Ive stated earlier, I purposely made the clown more realistic to give off a more “eerie” vibe, atleast it gives ME a eerie vibe.

But just like I told the other comment, I will take your comment into notice and use it as reference for future projects. Thank you for your suggestion!