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Hey there! I have been developing on Roblox for about 8 years (starting from older accounts). I usually worked solo, so I had to self-learn many different skills in order to deliver great experiences. This allows me to take a multi-disciplinary approach when creating your commission, ensuring a more catered, holistic result. This portfolio exclusively presents my graphic design accomplishments.

You can find my complete portfolio here.

I mainly specialize in infographics, logos and other decorative elements which are useful in making UI, announcements, decorating Discord servers, documents and certain types of advertisements. However, I do have a modest attempt involving rendering scenes (GFX), which is included below.

UI concepts

Military Propaganda

Gamepass Icon





SOC Public Information - Google Docs

SOC Entrance Program - Google Docs

Medics Handguide - Google Docs

RD: Recruiter's Manual - Google Docs

Engineers: Project Epsilon Administrative Board - Google Sheets

OCS Suggestion - Google Docs


  • Payment is via PayPal exclusively.

  • You’ll be updated on progress and may ask for changes throughout the commission without additional charges, given that the changes are small.

  • Ensure to communicate and provide feedback to secure satisfaction with the progress! Incase of a lack of communication, the commission may be canceled.

  • A fair, realistic price will be negotiated in accordance with the scale and complexity of the project before I accept the commission.

  • We will agree on a sensible time range for completion before progress begins

  • If the project is deemed to take weeks or more than 5 days, 50% of the payment must be payed once half of the project is done. The Client will be informed if this is needed and of the necessary details.

  • You agree to abide by the aforementioned terms by commissioning me.

You may contact me through the following:

  • Discord (fedoramasterB987#0541)
  • TalentHub
  • DevForum

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