Graphical Gore: "Friends" on home page [FIXED]

“Friends” on home page is just a real mess atm. Sorry if this is redundant or the team is already aware. Maybe its just for a limited group of people… Figured I should share.


I am using Safari Version 11.1.1 (13605.2.8)
I have a 4k mac display; which may be the source of the problem.


Looks fine for me:

What browser are you using, what’s your resolution, does it happen after you force-refresh the page, and does it still happen with all extensions disabled?


Works for me, also.

Sometimes webpage loading really stuffs up (i.e. ever had that time when you could only see HTML and everything was basically unformatted and uncolored and stuff?).

Try flushing your DNS – as a windows user, this has fixed all locally-originated page issues I have had since I’ve been doing it.


I have no problem with this.

Ensure you’ve cleared your cache (Empty cache and hard reload, typically click and hold refresh button in chrome with devtools open), disabled any CSS themes, and disabled extensions. It’s most likely just a cache issue.

For future bug reports please include more information about your system - OS, browser, etc.

Which OS are you on? Which browser and which version? Thanks!

Added info to main post.

Idk what happened but now it’s fine

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