Graphics level interpreted wrong when joining a place

Easy reproduction:

  1. Have you graphics level set to anything (preferably 1)
  2. Join a game, notice stuff such rendering distance (easiest to notice), shadows and neon (but neon acts different…).
  3. Change your graphics level
  4. Now all the rendering should be correct for that graphics level

In my game this is easy to notice. If you start off with the minimum level of quality, you will see the whole stadium, You also may notice shadows on the court. Neon however, doesn’t turn on right away at graphics level one. Take one 3-point shot (the arc should turn white), and reset (force a draw call); the next shot neon will be turned on. Change change the quality from 1-2-1 and now the stadium will have an opening out at the top.

My brother told me Temple of Memories also displays the bug in a clear way.

I have 2 computers (both Win10), a pretty good desktop, and a not so good old laptop. My laptop crashes (overheats) at my game when I play for too long, but if I do the 1-2-1 trick it won’t.

Already posted.

Ah I couldn’t find it (clearly don’t know how to use key words).
28 days is a long time.

I thought this was fixed with an update someone else made to the graphics level stuff. I just tried it out and I can confirm that it is indeed still bugged. Also when using F10/Shift F10, it doesn’t seem to change the level to anything other than 1 or 2, which is something that also should have been fixed.

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I figured out what was causing it and got a fix in. The property it was using to check if the graphics level was automatic was always returning automatic, while the notification thing used a different property for this, which accurately depicted the current graphics setting. So I changed it to check the accurate property instead, which should fix the issue.


If you haven’t noticed already, this fix should be live now. Let me know if you’re still having issues with it.

Still an issue, laptop crashed for the first time in a long while; I didn’t shift my quality level.

Does your laptop crash at a certain quality level? Or did this happen after a while playing the game?

On my weaker laptop, I can handle quality level 10; if I choose to. Extended periods of that will cause my laptop to crash.

Playing my basketball game on level 1 graphics, I could still see the whole stadium, and neon was still clearly applied. Shifting the quality up and down put a gap up near the top, and neon isn’t shown.

Any update on this bug? It’s still not fixed.

Yeah, when I start a Lumber Tycoon 2 server, it will switch to level 10 even though it says “Manual” mode. I think the bug is that there are two variables that store the graphics mode: the one used by the GUI is correct while the one used to actually determine behavior is faulty, or there is some overriding factor that makes it always start in automatic mode.

Yeah, that seems to be the case.

One year anniversary of this bug is coming up.

I’m fairly certain either I or @Xsitsu fixed this last year.

It was never fixed.

I made a change with the notifications you get at the bottom right corner of your screen when changing graphics level, but I don’t remember ever actually touching the graphics level.