Grappling Hook & Ragdoll: Demo

So I just made this. So what do you think? Should I make it more than a demo?


Wow! Thats actually super sick. I think the ragdoll is a bit ridiculous but I’m guessing that’s the point. Great work yo.

I’m guessing you’d wanna keep it to yourself, but I’d really like to try this out for myself, so it’d be sick if you could show scripts for it.

The concept is pretty funny so making a game out of it could be great idea. Maybe making levels or goals would be good enough to get you started - Add obstacles (like rings and random stuff on the air).
This is more of my opinion, but I think making the environment unrealistic might help with the absurdity of this game.
Just please dont make it a simulator, lol. You could probably even add some lore, like some funny dialogues. Add humour!

I could see this as a game in the future, go for it!

Here’s the game demo if you want to try it out. With the meshes from Synty City, you can clip through the buildings, but when I get to making my own buildings it should be fixed.

I was trying to make it absurd (funny) and I like what @ElVaranCubico_YT suggested.

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I tried it and I can tell you a few things which might help you make decisions for this project:

  • You spend most of the time on the floor
  • The arms sometimes stays still even if the body is moving
  • You spawn as a ragdoll (wouldnt it be better if you were to ragdoll only when you use the glapper?)
  • There is no momentum when you shoot the grappler again (I’d be cool if you were to keep it tbh, you could like balance around a forest or smth)
  • There is no animation (ive seen some pretty cool grapple animations so maybe search a tutorial)
  • The grapple makes you go instantly to where you shot (I’d be cool if you make it so you can control if you wanna forward/backwards/standstill - This would support the idea of balancing around mentioned above)

Those are just a few things I thought of, they aren’t “errors”. Just giving some feedback and ideas for your game.

Hope this helps you makes some ideas. Specially the balancing!!! I really want that one.
Mention me in your next post about the game, I look forward to it :smile: (no pressure haha)

Edit: Forgot to mention that you should look into Terraria’s different grapplers! That would probably help you. Maybe making different grapplers? Up to you

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Terraria has some awesome grappling hooks!
terraria grappling hooks
Anyways I made some changes to the demo, (less tumbling on ground, npc, grappling animation (needs some tweaks), etc…)
same game link as before to try it out @ElVaranCubico_YT / anyone else

I’ll make balancing sometime lol

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