Grass and Corroded Metal Textures Gone Wonky

It’s flashing and flicking too…

Windows 10

Roblox currently running on the GTX 860M.

I checked and the issue only happens with the GPU. Running Roblox with integrated graphics doesn’t have the issue.

Is this recent? Did it happen when you updated to Win10? Any other materials behave the same way? Need more info.

Just noticed today. I’m still using 8. Corroded metal and grass seem to be the only affected materials.

I noticed this problem at Tradelands on the rocks, Graphics settings need to be at 10 to see it.

UWOT? Windows 10 was released?

UWOT? Windows 10 was released?[/quote]

Ever heard of the technical previews? xD

The issue seems to be caused by Global Shadows:

No global shadows:

The issue is only present in a normal studio or a server. A player doesn’t appear to have the issue:

[spoiler]Emulated Player:

Emulated Server:


Issue seems to be there in an actual game…

Geeze what game is that? It looks cool.