Grass terrian when white becomes... orange?

This just happened today. I was working on a game, building a house and working on the interior. The moment I zoom my camera out I see the grass as this weird dark-brown color. It’s supposed to be RGB 111, 126, 104 but instead is this awful brown color. When I turned the grass color to white, it’s orange?? I tried going into older versions of the game, but looks the remorseless orange-colored grass spread its way into all the versions. When I published the game, I tested it on all my devices. The brownish color is present, so whatever this is isn’t limited to my Roblox studio. I pressed nothing and this happened. When i join the game, the grass is normal colored for a split second before turning orange-brown.

I have no idea how to fix this! Please help!

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Check if there is anything in lighting

There is only a skybox, and when I delete it the grass is still this weird orange color. I tried messing with some properties in lighting too. Nothing changes it

Can you send a file of the game

Strange. Tried reproducing within my studio. Might it be your grass texture?

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Edit the grass and leafy grass color in the Terrain instance under workspace.

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That’s exactly what I did, turned up the color to white and it appeared orange. The colors seem to be affected by orange for some reason

Thank you! Turns out I inserted some type of grass material that had a shade of orange when trying to find materials for a build.

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