Gravity (2022) Cover Art

Hey everybody,

Since Roblox is down I have been working on cover art and story for my upcoming games. Below is some early cover art for my upcoming game Gravity. If you all could just give me some feedback that would be great!

Ryan, Founder/Owner of Light Yeti Studios :roblox:


I think this looks great - my only critique is that the Y, although a really good spin on the typography, is a bit illegible being upside-down.

Noted! I thought it looked pretty cool but it is hard to tell that it is a Y.


I was wondering if this is any better? I flipped the Y around and made a few minor changes.


Oh yes, I think it even adds even more character to better see the increasing size of the cracks. Good luck with your game!

This is an awesome piece of cover art! What did you use to make this? Photoshop?

I absolutely love the Y, it gives the true effect of gravity, looks like it is just floating off. But, I do agree with @dragonfrosting on how it is hard to read. The cracks are also a really nice touch, good job.

Paint .net actually! It’s far from final and needs a bit more work!

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I meant to move it over the text, as it is easy to steal. I was not telling you to remove it

I certainly hope it’s an original, creative, and well-thought-out story game, and not just an overused “Peanut-Butter-allergy-monster-tour-guide” kind of story game.

It will be. It will have an original story written by me. I plan to add in gameplay that is challenging and rewarding. I plan to release the announcement trailer around December.

I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the empty space above. For reference, here is how my logo looks when it’s shrunk. You can click to see the image in full size; a lot of detail is missing.

This is far from finished. When Roblox comes back up I can continue work on the game. I plan to have the text over the top of the game.

I meant to suggest adding scenes of your game onto the cover art to fill up all the vertical space, but if you’ve already got screenshots of game assets, you can always edit them in.

That’s what I mean. I don’t have screenshots yet.

Pls can I join u as lore teller or builder or gfx for 2 robux a month

No, I’m sorry. I am not hiring for any positions as of right now. Also, I pay higher than 2 Robux per month.

Ok no problem is there any other post available maybe for lore maker

Again, no I’m sorry. I am writing the lore for my games. Light Yeti Studios is not hiring as of now.

If there any post available any other time then pls dm me