Gravity controller bug

As EgoMoose said in this forum: Wall stick/Gravity Controller that he will not be helping people that ask him to fix the controller. He also wont be updating the controller. What i’m trying to achieve is i’m trying to fix this bug that slows down your character when you hop on the walls, also when you go upside down your character fly’s back down.

Here are some examples:

I’ve tried looking for answers in EgoMooses post but I don’t see anyone posting about this bug. It might just be me no idea. If you have any possible explanations to this please reply.


If you can show me how to replicate these bugs i can help solve them.

The only way I found this was when I teleported the HRP to the sword and then when I used the sword and it made that bug.

Probably has something to do with the mass change. Try making the sword massless.