Gravity effect in GUI

I’ll take this video as an example:

Notice how the orbs explode out of the chest and fall down to the ground? That’s what I want to achieve. The thing is I dont even know how to make that type of gravity possible in GUI. Can this be achieved in Roblox? Any help is appreciated.

tweening exists, bouncy bouncy, then tween all to the currency in top right.
basically, no gravity manipulation or physics, 2d is basically self programmed and using logics on how you wanna do it, just an explanation. hope you get a solution though

Yea I tried tweening. The problem is I can’t seem to figure out how to make it smooth even with Easing Styles.

You could try making the GUI as a ViewportFrame.

Set the VPF’s camera to the chest thing, then when you open in, use bodypositions or something like that to create the effect of it bouncing out. Then tween all their positions into the coins gui.