Great Tycoon Ideas?

I’m trying to make a tycoon game not like the others. I wanted it to be unique, but i’m lacking ideas, mind helping?

A Christmas Tycoon could be good with that coming up soon.


do a game tycoon, the player has to create their own game but in a tycoon form. maybe make it customizable, like choosing what type of game they make, and at purchases if they want to put a gun store or a robbery (assuming they pick that genre). if you don’t do this, I may do it lol.

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A tycoon for creating Christmas-related things. Maybe a tycoon where there are elves around and they make presents for people? I would love to see it! Perhaps some inspiration from some Christmas movies including Santa!

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Take inspiration from Miner’s Haven and Desert Zombie Defence Tycoon: be able to place your own money-makers and defences, while fending off enemies for other loot.

Tycoon we’re once kings on roblox back in 2016, when I returned back in 2017 they have died out alot