Green Ballon gear broken!

[size=2](There is probably a topic for these bugs somewhere but I can’t find it :frowning: )

Okay so I noticed that the Green balloon gear is broken! Fix please? :slight_smile:

It’s trying to access the humanoid of the character, but it’s placed in the backpack so it errors. (Tool.Parent.Humanoid doesn’t work in this case as the path leads to backpack and tries to find the humanoid in the backpack!)

Here’s what you should put in the LocalScript inside the Balloon:

function Leap()

game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.Humanoid.Jump = false



Also I suggest removing these spammy print at line 75 in the BalloonScript… It prints the height (I think it is) every 5 seconds which gets quite annoying!

I’d suggest sending a PM to Luckymaxer, he’s the one in charge of fixing gear.

what… lol

I normally make the newer gear but I do fix occasionally :).

what… lol[/quote]
I simply rewrote two the two lines to remove the bug, I didn’t rewrite it to look as good as possible or be as efficient as possible…

Yeah that’s in the original code though which is pretty funny :P. But yes, this is pretty quick so I’ll do this Monday.