Green Glitch Screen bug

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but couldn’t figure out how to access the main bugs form.

Anyways, I’ve encountered this in studio when I test played it.
Never seen it before, does anyone know what this is and how to fix it?
Here’s a photo:

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why do you think this occurs, or what type of script do you think caused this and my best guess is that you got a plugin virus… like how i did back then, shh

oh and there is a topic called: #bug-reports:studio-bugs
highly reccomend doing that before ppl stars calling this “off-topic”

Do you have a script in your game that could be causing it? If not you should definitely look into reporting your issue here: How to post a bug report.

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Plugin virus, I did install some new plugins recently.
However, I’m using Viewports which for some reason I feel like it steams from that, however not sure.
Going to disable all the new plugins I installed for now though.

And I can’t seem to move the topic, I did read the form on how to put one there but I’m still confused on doing so.

go check, which can access scripts and double check if its the right plugin and if it is then check if its a trusted dev

Yep all the installed plugins I own are created by the legitimate trusted dev.

edit: scratch that, I believe I found the plugin doing it.

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most likely caused by a virus or fm

Yep, seems like it isn’t happening anymore now, Thanks!

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Do you mind sharing the virus plugin? I’d like to research it.

Sure thing, I believe it was this one:

Let me know how the research goes!

Just judging by the comments it’s like a stepping on a landmine but instead of your foot stepping onto it, it’s your game.

Yeah. I’m hoping the game itself hasn’t been sent anywhere or anything of that sorts.(if that’s even possible)

It isn’t possibly don’t worry, it seems to just be a super outdated plugin that has issues because Roblox has updated alot since 2017.

Have you checked to make sure everything is running smoothly? The comments suggest that it messes up games (on accident).

Well to be honest, I never touched the plugin after I install it (never used it / opened it)
I checked all my scripts and nothing was found, I haven’t encountered the screen issues again now luckily.
The game seems to be working just fine currently!

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hi! id actully like to learn more about this person and find out why this person has a virus plugin on accident id like to research on this too like @VampiricCode anyways any idea on how you found the plugin

Edit: i found this
and EchoReaper was experiencing some studio crashes:

i just dont get it… if it was not intended to be a virus then why?

My studio did attempt to crash but my PC is pretty beefy so it came back after a few seconds too.
Plugin was found in the toolbox while I was searching for some new ones, that one seemed cool so I checked it out. I noticed woot3 had made other plugins, one I was a very long user of, so didn’t expect this from it.

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interesting… what a good pc anyways i wonder why this can be happening and thanks for the info! next time before u install u gotta do research like me lol

Edit: Woot3 has been active too look:
very aciv

if it wasnt intended he should be aware of this cuz its his plugin… and makes me think that the plugin virus was intended, but if thats so, why?

I looked through the code of that plugin. Nothing suspicious came up, and nothing that would cause that. Also the dev is very trusted (in fact I use that same plugin and nothing happens to me). It could just be the computer you have and/or another plugin.

After I removed that plugin it stopped happening and hasn’t happened since, not sure what was going on, my PC is pretty solid, but could’ve been.