Green Tree Games Developer Application Guide

Welcome to the GTG Developer Application Guide! This guide will include an overview how to become a developer at Green Tree Games, and the application code.

In the form, you will need to input a password found in parts throughout this guide. You need to have all four digits of the password, or you application is automatically declined.

There are some minimum requirements to apply for the developer position:
-Be a member of our communications server and group.
-Be at least level six in our communications server.
-Have one year or more developing experience.
-You must not have safechat.
-Meet one or more of these requirements:


-Own a group with at least 750 total place visits
-Develop for a group with at least 2,500 total place visits
-Have at least 400 place visits

In addition, you must meet three of these requirements.


-Own a group with at least 1,750 place visits
-Develop for a group with over 5,000 place visits
-Have at least 1,000 place visits
-Be a GTG staff
-Be a DevForum member
-Have two and a half years or more developing experience.
-The first digit of the password is three.
-Be level ten or more in our communications server.

Here is the promotion process:

None → Applicant
You must have the form filled out. After that, it will be processed, and you will be sent a message, telling you if you were accepted or declined.

If you are declined, you have to wait six months before reapplying. The second digit of the password is five. If you are accepted, you become an applicant.

Applicant → Intern Developer
You will be tested by a Head Developer or higher. You must attend eight tests. You have to pass seven or more of them.

After that, you must give us evidence of skill by creating a simple game, and sending it to us. If we accept it, you move on to Intern Developer

Intern Developer → Developer
This is the final step of the process. You must create a few games over the course of any amount of time, and send them to a GTG Head Developer or higher. The third digit is one.

They will put the game in the group, and you will receive its profits, minus two percent. You will also receive a small amount from other GTG games. Partnership when making games is allowed, but you will get promoted with fewer games if you do it solo.

When you create these games, GTG will also advertise the game for you, if the developers think the game deserves it.

You will receive the developer role once you make enough games, and if they are almost always fun to play, and in good quality. The fourth digit is seven. If not, you will revert back to no roles, and will be able to reapply after six or more months.

Thank you for reading the GTG Developer Application Guide. If you have the code, and are ready to apply, find the application form in the communications server. Good luck!
-hellofriend3012, owner of Green Tree Games