Greetings. How can I fix the Gui being in its place?

Greetings. So, when I make a ScreenGui, it shows all over the screen, but when I want to put a text label at the edge, it looks normal in studio, but in the experience, it looks a bit far from the place where it needs to be.

Try enabling IgnoreGuiInset in the ScreenGui’s property. Roblox’s default topbar reserves something like 27px of the screen, pushing your UI down that much unless you set it to overlap the topbar.

I already turned on the IgnoreGuiInset.

Change the value from offset to scale. A lot of times there are different windows in the studio game tab that change the size of the viewport. Anyways hope this helps!

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use this to change it from offset to scale

Try looking at this guide.

Your problem is with anchorpoints. It will depend on what position you want. So, if you wanted it to be at the bottom left, do 1,1 as the anchor point, and 1,0,1,0 as the position.