Grid Phases Through Decals

Within studio, when you place down a transparent part and place a decal on either side, the grid can be seen through the decal.

Almost positive this isn’t intended behavior.

Turn on your grid using these steps:

  1. Select the view tab
  2. Turn on “Show Grid” in the settings box of the view tab

Then, create a part and make it transparent.
Place a decal on the part.


Here is a rbxl file that you can open to view the bug for yourself, there’s already a part in workspace with a decal on it; just ensure you have your grid enabled.
bug-repro.rbxl (2.1 MB)

This is just an effect of decals and transparent parts.

The baseplate is closer to the camera than the blue decal, so it gets rendered on top. This is not an easy problem to fix in the general case, but for your case, you can make those road signs non-transparent. Upload the signs as squares (tilt the signs 45 degrees) and tilt them back into diamonds in-game after putting them on opaque parts. It does mean you have to reupload them all, sadly.

You can also break the giant grid into many ~20x20 parts. It’ll prevent distant parts of the surface from being “on top of” your road signs.

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You could put the blue decal in the sky so it’s closer to the camera, facing down towards the ground and it still shows the grid through the decal.

(This is 200 studs off the ground so I don’t think it has to do with how close the baseplate is to the camera)

After reading your post a few more times I’m not sure whether we’re talking about the same thing or not regarding the camera vs the baseplate

As stated by zeuxcg about this topic around two years ago:

I’m assuming it treats the grid like it treats decals.

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We filed a ticket to our internal database. Thanks!

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Hey @StyxIing - so sorry we’re so late on this. If you’re still having the issue, would you mind filing another report? We’ll get to it. Huge apologies again.