Group admin features missing on mobile

As a group admin, it is currently impossible to manage my group while on the mobile website.

Necessary admin utilities are entirely missing from the mobile version of the website, such as the audit log and the admin panel.

I spend a significant amount of time on the Roblox website from my phone due to my university responsibilities, so it’s extremely tedious to switch to the desktop version of the page to clumsily use the missing group controls on the clunky desktop version of the website.

The addition of these features is long overdue and would be greatly appreciated.


I’m pretty sure this should go under Mobile Features rather than Web Features.

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If you are talking about the app, it should be in mobile features. If you’re talking about the website through a browser on your phone (whether regular or mobile version), it should be in web features.


I believe he is talking about on the mobile website. The same thing happens to me so I just “Request Desktop Mode” in Chrome.

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This ^^


I’m surprised that this has not been added yet, especially when the big group layout overhaul came. It affects mobile users a lot the fact that you cannot access group admin. Mobile users have no point in making groups if they can’t access group admin to moderate & control their group. An alternative into getting group admin is to go on a mobile browser, tap the share button, and then press “Request Desktop Site”. Some apps may not include the feature however.


At the moment the only wait to really edit group stuff on mobile is to have chrome installed and select desktop mode. Unfortunately some people don’t know about this and if they need to edit the group immediately or demote someone immediately they are unable to.

I think this feature should be added just for an easier access for everyone incase they are away somewhere or they don’t have PC access.

This is how it looks now:

In my opinion this feature would be a great feature and will probably make a lot of people happy if they don’t know the other way to do the group edit on mobile.


I really believe adding this feature would make it easier and make owners feel more in control with their group. I was thinking of this because I am usually on my phone and away from my computer, so whenever I want to check my group stats I get annoyed because there is no feature for this on mobile. I also believe a lot of people would like this new feature making the group configuration loved a lot more.

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