Group admin page is broken for a specific group

Hey there,

For some reason it appears that whenever I go to the group admin page of one specific group, the page looks like this and I can’t really make any real changes to it.

This has been going on for several days and has been confirmed that other members that are allowed to view the same page have the same issue. I have also excluded the possiblity of whether it’s a ‘firefox/chrome’ issue. This is a real problem to us as we cannot make any changes to the group and add/remove members or their roles.

For safety reasons I’d rather not mention the group publicly, please contact me in private for the group name/id.

Is this only happening for this specific group? It could be the group name or a browser extension that is causing this issue.

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Yea, only for this group. There are no weird characters in the name neither. I doubt I have the same browser extensions on both firefox and chrome(never really use chrome) as well as the other 2 group admins I have tested it with.

Any errors in the console?

Are there any errors before this, or is the top line the first error?

We have figured out the underlying issue and will try to fix it relatively soon. Thanks for the report!


Sorry, was working 14h shifts this weekend, thanks for working on the fix!

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