Group Ads Feedback

Hello there. I’ve started a clothing group and made 2 ads for it. I am running both of them and I need feedback on it because I am not sure what a good CTR is for a clothing group ad.

Both ads are running the first day I put a 5 robux ad for testing and now I am running both ads at 100 robux each.

( Blurred the name of the group out so I don’t break DevForums ToS :slight_smile: )


Nice it looks pretty good, good luck.

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Thank you. :slight_smile: What do you think about the CTR for the amount of Robux put into the ads? Is is normal/average or below/higher then average?

It seems a reasonable amount but as you grow I recommend putting like 500 or even thousands anyways as a starter that’s good.

I only put a low amount just because I was testing to see what it would be like. When both ads run out Ill be putting 1k on each ad everyday

That’s a perfect amount and everyday that will could get you alot of members :laughing: Good luck :+1:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I hope it does get a lot of members. I’m also working on a clothing store so that should help make robux

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Looks good, vibe type thing?
I love the background.

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Yup best of luck to you

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