Group Alerts Feature

New Group Alerts Feature

As a Roblox Developer and group owner, it is currently too difficult to effectively communicate with my group members. I started my group eleven years ago when Roblox groups were one of the primary ways that users interacted. Over the years I’ve seen the rise and fall of related-features such as Clans, Player Points, unlimited friends (unlimited chat), and the group shout.

The group shout tool used to be the most effective way for reaching users. It would display on the feed of their homepage, then the feed was moved to a more obsolete location, and then removed entirely. Today, the group shout is only seen if a user views the group page; it is basically a temporary group description.

With that in-mind, I propose a new Group Alerts feature that will allow groups to send one Roblox personal message per-month to users that are 13+ and opt-in.

How would it work?

The opt-in process would work very similarly to the existing Experience Updates feature that allows experiences to post a 60 character message to users notification tab. To opt-in, a user will go to the group page, and simply click a “subscribe” or “follow” button to sign up.

Groups will be able to send one message per month. That may not seem like much, but if a user is in 100 groups, this prevents these alerts from getting clogged-up in a user’s inbox. This also means that developers will be encouraged to put the most important game announcements, community events, and other information in their communications.

Below, I’ve attached a mock-up of what the “send alert” page might look like for a group owner. A group owner should be able to set a message subject, a body message, and choose to include the social links that are posted to the group page. The social links option is why this feature would only send alerts to users 13+.

As you can see in the image, before a group owner sends their monthly alert, they should be able to preview the message as filtered, and edit any content that was tagged before sending.

At the bottom of the image, I have updated the History with basic email-marketing analytics categories that will be helpful for group owners. This is something quite similar to the Experience Updates feature. Something that is not seen in the image, but I think is necessary, is a total count of how many users are opted-in to group alerts.

What will this look like for the user receiving the update?

It’s funny that you should ask! :laughing: I’ve also created a mock-up group alert from the receiver’s perspective. What is important here is the Unsubscribe option at the top, making it easy for users to stop receiving group alerts if they want to opt-out. Social links are also attached at the bottom to better connect group members to the happenings of their community.

Also just now realizing I forgot to change the date from the “archived” message I used to create the mock-up lol

Why use Roblox messages, when no one checks them?

Actually, I have found that the average Roblox user does check their messages. It just isn’t the most popular way for users to communicate with one another. Since the Alerts Feature would be one-way communication, I think it will work well.

In Closing

I own a social group with just over 50,000 members and I care deeply for the Roblox-based community that has grown around the group. In the past five years or so, it has just gotten really difficult to communicate with my members. I believe that this problem is the most important issue facing groups on Roblox today, and my feature request aims to change that.

This feature request is also posted to my original mega-thread Dan’s Group Overhaul 2020 [Updated 2022] but I have added this stand-alone post on the advice of other forum users.


This seems to be the issue, I would title your feature request like that. The “group alerts” is a very specific proposed solution to your problem.


I think I understand what you are saying, but I think I disagree. My goal is not just to bring group members into my experience, it is also to foster community in the Roblox group itself – on the discussion page, around the group store, and with content inside and outside of our Roblox experiences.


Right, what I mean is: group alerts is a specific proposed solution to signal to users that they should have another look at the group. The main problem seems to be that you want ways to improve throughput of users from the main site to your group page, not just that you want specifically group alerts.

There are other ways Roblox could improve this throughput, for example by surfacing group content and updates on the home page as they do currently with games, automatically sending app/email digests about group activities, machine learning to auto-popup relevant group updates, etc.


Okay, that makes more sense. I agree that Roblox Groups need much more attention on the website. But I think this feature request specifically, is my proposal of a way to do that. We definitely also need the stuff you listed

surfacing group content and updates on the home page as they do currently with games, automatically sending app/email digests about group activities, machine learning to auto-popup relevant group updates

A broader conversation about the role of Roblox groups and their communication is definitely needed in addition to this proposed solution.