Group Assets "No results found" in Studio Toolbox

The toolbox no longer loads group assets (except for models). I first noticed this issue last night, but I haven’t checked the group assets section of the toolbox in a while so I’m unaware as to when this actually first became a problem.

I know that this isn’t happening to just me, a friend messaged on Discord reporting the same problem without me ever even mentioning it.

Simply open up the toolbox in studio and try to view any one of the group asset categories aside from “Group Models”.

Edit: My friend says that group models don’t show up for him either, but that category alone seems to be working for me.

Edit 2: Issue appears to be fixed as of July 22, 2021. Marking RoxyBloxyy’s reply as a solution.

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thank you for reporting! we are looking into this asap!


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