Group audit logs sorted incorrectly

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The Issue

Group audit logs have been sorted back-to-front, showing the oldest first.

Screenshot 1 shows the first page without a user filter applied.
Screenshot 2 shows the first page with a user filter applied. There are newer audit logs in Screenshot 2 on the first page.

Expected behavior

Audit Logs should be showing the newest logs first.

Page URL:{YOUR_GROUP_ID}#!/auditLog


On further inspection:

Not only is the wrong sort order being used on the audit log page

But the audit log api endpoint seems to ignore whatever sort order you specify and returns entries in ascending order anyways

This breaks any automated audit log monitoring that relies on entries being sorted in descending order, and the only workaround now being to cycle through pages until you reach the end (which is infeasible when you have a large amount of log entries).

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


I’m getting this bug in my groups as well. It is showing the oldest possible log instead of the newest one. Hopefully this is fixed soon!

This has impacted me and my group as well. Looking forward to some sort of update.

This is actually the correct sort order that the page has always used, it’s just not respecting the sort order parameter (The way it’s currently doing it is Desc order)

Can you guys add a Last and First arrow button in the Audit Logs so you don’t have to go 1 by 1? I think it would be faster that way when navigating the Audit Logs.


The Audit Logs are fixed but for some of the logs don’t show descriptions like Publish Place and Save Place. I looked on the API and it shows the Description but on the actual group the description is missing.

Replication Steps:

  1. Go to the Group Audit Logs.
  2. Sort by Publish Place or Save Place.
  3. You will only see the Date and User but No Description.
  4. Go to the API site
  5. Make sure you are on Groups API v1.
  6. Select /v1/groups/{groupId}/audit-log
  7. Enter your GroupId and select PublishPlace or SavePlace for the Action Type.
  8. Click Execute and you will see that it shows a description for the API.


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This has been around for a while. You should make a separate bug report about this.

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Hello @AllowSleep ! I’m following up to confirm that this issue has been resolved. Please let me know if the sort order is still an issue for you. Thank you for the report!