Group Checker - New Roblox Group Finding Game

I’ve been working on a new project for a little over a month and now its finally complete!

It’s called Group Checker (Like Friend Checker)

The purpose of this game was to make it easier to search for groups on Roblox

A list of features include:
• Check a Specific Player’s groups
• Get Information On Specific Groups
• Try on bought Group Clothing In-Game
• Find and Play Group Games

To start, just go to one of the boards and press the “Check” button. Although for some boards, it requires you to type in a specific username.

Once you’ve done that, give it some time and it will show you all the groups.

Click the View button on of the groups and it will show information on that group.

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I’m sure there are some bugs I’m not aware of, but if you come across one, please message me. (foruntun14, 1131975769)

Game Link:

I would appreciate if you like the game as it will become more known to the public, Thanks!


This is like @ItsMuneeeb’s Friend Checker but for groups, but I don’t think it’s helpful for development, I think this belongs to #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback. also why userids? It is difficult to remember them and I can’t go to my profile every time to get it, also you can’t even get the user id in mobile unless you use a mobile web browser. Use usernames and group names as they are easier to memorise

Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t even notice that the post was under community resources until you pointed it out. Also, you are right, it will make much more sense to use usernames instead of user Ids (and group names).

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