[Group Closed] Sweet & Sour Studios Community Guidelines


Sweet & Sour Studios Community Guidelines

To ensure everyone’s premium safety, and satisfaction I, the creator of the group will provide to you guidelines. These guidelines are required to be strictly followed, and the guidelines will be concise, and clear for minimal disturbance in your normal activities.

1. Do not spam

Spamming is irrational, and will get you kicked. Spamming involves disrupting the group wall, and causing irregulations.

2. Do not advertise

Advertising anything beyond our games, and the group is strictly prohibited, and will result in an immediate kick, along with your posts deleted.

3. No Online Dating

Online dating is especially banned, and breaks specific rules in the Roblox TOS.

4.Do not impersonate

Pretending you have the equality of someone with more authority then you is prohibited, and will also get you kicked.

Strictly follow the Roblox TOS, or you may be striked upon, or banned from Roblox.

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