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Tix are now gone, and there really is no way for free players to buy uniforms for their group. Since this new “free” items is start to hit roblox, I thought of an interesting idea. What if certain group items are made free and are removed from a players inventory when they leave the group? The item amount can be limited to around 10 (5 sets of clothes, or less with the addition of hats :open_mouth: ) as there are usually a few different ranks and different clothing for each rank. This allows for players to be involved with their group without having to spend money/robux.

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That’s just opening an opportunity for someone to create NBC Shirt Creators 2.0, but instead of allowing NBC players to upload clothing, the group owner could be giving away 5 top ROBLOX clothing sets for free. As an NBC player, you’d just need to find the group that’s offering the kind of clothing you want as a “uniform”, join it, and bam you get your clothing for free. Want to change out your clothing? Leave the existing one and join a different group.

I imagine a better solution would be to take advantage of the UGC and allow developers to upload clothing to be sold for free there. The UGC is community-curated, so there won’t be any issues with theft.


Only if approved by moderation. Not regular moderation either. An approval process like DevEx to ensure it’s use is appropriate to make it a free item.


Leave it to Echo to find the bad. :frowning: (I’m jking, I appreciate your post.)

Seriously though, this would generate more good than bad.

Replace the “NBC Shirt Creators 2.0” with a popular clothing creating “company.” It would actually be cool for groups to allow the best 10 clothing items to be given away for free for a week. It allows players to change often without having to buy anything and give incentive for players to make some amazing clothes to be featured.

Not sure why this would happen. If someone wanted clothes, they could go to the UGC thing and get some (UGC will allow developers to upload clothes also?)

I’m hoping you see the idea behind this rather than the specifics.


How about one free clothing item for each milestone of 50, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 members?

PS: milestones are arbitrary, you get the idea


To be honest the bad is quite obvious. Perhaps even worse than the benefits this feature would bring. If you want to have a uniform you should sell it, and apply it via a script in your place.

Of course this doesn’t apply to raids, but I’ve seen group raids becoming a much nicer system where you can have a uniform applied even in enemy places.

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(UGC will allow developers to upload clothes also?)

Yes, but not for free (yet).

I’m hoping you see the “idea” behind this rather than the specifics.

Yes, I’ve been in war groups in the past. While I don’t think your solution would end well, I understand the need for every member to have a uniform, which is why I suggested the ability to sell UGC assets for free.

If someone wanted clothes, they could go to the UGC thing and get some

The difference between free UGC items and free uniforms is that the latter of the two allows thieves to distribute free clothing that the original creator wanted to be paid.

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So if UGC items actually do become free, this idea is pretty much worthless.

I wasn’t aware of this, which is why I suggested it.

UGC items aren’t planned to be able to be given away for free. It was an alternative suggestion.

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This is an interesting idea.

Sorry, but could you explain to me how other than what has been already discussed? I posted this because I thought it was a good idea, so it’s obvious that the bad isn’t obvious to me.

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Purely from clothes stealing alone. A manual moderation to check for stolen clothing isn’t feasible, and this would definitely be used to give out free clothing which takes away money from talented clothing creators.

The largest group on ROBLOX was “NBC Shirt Creators” so this feels like substantial proof that people have the intent of abusing systems that allow free stolen clothing.

Sorry I said it was obvious, that was just my perception from the way the system has been abused before.

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This comparison is not entirely valid.

To my understanding, NBC Shirt Creators allowed any member to upload (often stolen) clothing for personal use (as a copy is provided to the uploader for free), which was subsequently sold by the group for revenue that went who-knows-where (i.e. group owner). It gave the NBC the clothing they wanted for free + potential sales to the group. Having a certain amount of “free” items to be distributed is not exactly the same.

For one, not just anyone but only people with group managment rights AND builders club are able to upload clothing, which is a somewhat drastically different situation already. Two, I don’t know if there’d be much incentive to steal clothing (it does take some time if you want to do it properly) and re-distribute copies if it wouldn’t bring any profit. Other than a debatable amount of group publicity, which would also be questionable due to people being able to hop in, snatch the clothing and hop out, I don’t think a lot of group owners would steal and reupload clothing solely due the good of their hearts, in spite of their questionable morality.

I am not saying this solution is an ideal or problem-less one, I am just saying being biased due to NBC Shirt Creators is quite silly in this case.

Regardless, if everyone is suddenly so very spooked out of their minds by clothes stealing and simultaneously everyone praises in-game scripts that distribute uniforms, why not cater to the wargroups a bit for once and make this a site feature? Maybe allow groups with a clan (since it’s a premium feature costing 500 Robux) to “assign” shirts and pants to separate group ranks, while making a new place type, the “clan game” (akin to “game place” and “personal server”) where the clothing would be overridden with your rank’s uniform (of your primary group)?

I don’t know, just saying, because dismissing any idea due to those dishonourable malicious clothing thiefs is not going to solve this issue for all the various war groups, café groups, RP groups and who-knows-who-else-uses-uniforms-groups. Heads up, that’s a sizeable chunk of the Roblox community.

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100% Agreed My group is starting to look ugly without Uniforms…