Group counter script

Can someone help me I’m stuck on this and don’t understand.

local groupId = 13859075

local groupData = game:GetService(“GroupService”):GetGroupInfoAsync(groupId)

local httpService = game:GetService(“HttpService”)

local url = ‘’ … groupId

while wait(5) do

local memberCount = httpService:JSONDecode(httpService:GetAsync(url)).memberCount

script.Parent.MemberCount.Text = "0" .. memberCount

script.Parent.GroupImage.Image = groupData.EmblemUrl
script.Parent.GroupName.Text = groupData.Name
script.Parent.GroupDescription.Text = groupData.Description


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local url = ‘’ … groupId

You’re unable to make a request from Roblox to roblox, I’d recommend using a proxy of some sort.

I tried

but it Isn’t a thing anymore.

Thx but not big in scripting so what should I use?

You have to replace: