Group Exile and delete doesn't work if a person already left the group

Hello, i’m in a group i’ve recently seen been invaded by bots, trying to scam the group memebers.
And when i hit “exile” and check off “delete messages”
and hit “Exile”.
It doesn’t do anything.
It doesn’t show anything in the “audit log”
Nothing happends.

Tried both Chrome and Roblox Studio.
Happends every time.

This is the error google chrome shows me, when i execute.


I’ve noticed this too. I believe it happens because the bots leave the group after posting their wall of spam, so that you can’t delete their messages in bulk with a quick exile.


fight the bots with a bot

This is extremely annoying when you want feedback from players and have to go through and manually delete the bot comments.

exactly why I turned on manual approval

roblox group system is pretty archaic and needs some WORK done