Group Experience Permissions - Unable to Configure

Currently I’m struggling to find out how to properly configure my group permissions.

This is the view from me, the group owner, for whatever reason the only permission I can change is the member one (no, I didn’t save it, members cannot edit). For whatever reason, it says “User must be friend to edit” whenever I hover over the greyed out dropdowns for the develop and super mega admin roles. Also, my super mega admin, who has every permission granted, cannot change the permissions of the developer role.

How does all this work and why is it so inconsistent?

Edit: Apparently you can’t create badges without the manage group funds permission. Which is odd since you would think that permission would be under “manage experiences and experience assets”

Hello! For future reference this should be in #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support

Moved the post, had no idea I was even allowed to post there.

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