Group game issue

[strike]I just checked on my game, space arc, and it seems to be “Closed to visitors”. It’s been a group member only game for a while now.

I tried changing different settings, and it always appears locked. It’s a group game, and no settings seem to make it open.
Unsure what is the issue.

It uses universes, with quite a few places in the universe.[/strike]

I tried upvoting it and downvoting it, it is telling me I have to login. So its like I am logged in, but the game doesn’t think I am. I tried other games, and it appears to do it on all group games. It seems to be missing authentication variables or something.

Same issue here

Have you made the game active on the develop page?

That works. However, I still did have the issues where it was deactivated and said I needed to login.