Group Game Request [Game Access]

Sorry if this isn’t that much of a “feature request” but it was the best category I could put it in. Thanks :D!

It seems like many people have already asked about this and we haven’t gotten that much recognition on this topic, and I would like to ask it again to see if we can get it to be a new / fixed up feature.

On Group Games, the only way to restrict people from playing a group game is to… manually code something that doesn’t allow them to play. Which is a lame alternative since most people would just dislike the game since it isn’t completed and/or open yet.

We should be given more options on the ‘Access’ page on our group games. As of right now, we can only limit it to group members.

[size=5]We should be allowed to only select certain ranks of people to allow into the group games


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Cannot agree with this enough. I have a game that I want people to be able to favorite and track for release, but still only allow select developers to test and stuff. Would love to see this functionality.

We just need the personal server whitelist/blacklist for every game.