Group game SavePlace not working

Borsy asked me to post this here since he is not in the dev forum.

When I try to call SavePlace or SavePlaceAsync in a group game, I get a 403 forbidden error.
This only happens in a group game, and does not happen in a normal profile game. All the checkboxes for create place and save place API are checked, and I am running the save place function in the created place.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

I’m having this issue as well it seems.

It also seems that CreatePlaceInPlayerInventoryAsync creates the place in the group.

I’m going to bump this thread as this issue is still occurring. I’m trying to create a building based game where you can have your own private servers using game:GetService("AssetService"):SavePlaceAsync()

The game isn’t a group place and all the permissions to access SavePlaceAPI are enabled on the place settings.

Any possible solutions?