Group gamepass got DIFFERENT price depending on uploader?

When you upload a group pass, it turns out that it gives two different tax depending on who uploads.
Me and another guy have 50/50 profit on this game:

But when he publish a gamepass, it takes 90% instead of 30% (as it does when I upload a pillow).

He got NBC and I got OBC but I don’t see how that would matter since it’s a group place…

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If he has BC this is a bug.

Edit: derp, this is in bugs

It’s based on membership. BC/TBC/OBC = 30% tax whereas NBC = 90% tax

His friend has BC though

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Very strange indeed. I somehow didn’t notice he posted that.

Turns out he’s a NBC.

Eitherway, the pillows price shouldn’t differ, the payout should be taxed not the actual pillow profit right?


It’s right after the image, so it’s easy to miss. Also, I don’t think group stuff is supposed to be subject to NBC tax rates even if there isn’t any BC involved: Ridiculous 90% market fee on group places

While @Rukiryo was an intern at the time he posted his response and not a full employee, @Raeglyn concurred with him and said the 90% thing was an issue and was trying to fix it.

I thought this was just a visual glitch, as the page uses the current visitor’s BC status.
I still want want this feature though :frowning: