Group Games Paid Access

So I don’t really know where to post this but I will just post it here. So I have a group game and I want to sell access to it but I don’t have premium so the market place fee should be 10%. However a friend of mine said that with group games you get 70% even if you don’t have premium. So I would like know if that indeed is true or not

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Yeah but when I set the price it still says that there’s a 90% marketplace fee and I think you misunderstood it, I am talking about selling access to games, not gamepasses

Just like all other products (that aren’t gamepasses and dev products), if you set the price while you (the group owner) have premium, then it is 30% MPF. If you set the price when you don’t have premium, even if it’s a group product, the MPF will be 90%.

So if I sell access to a group game and I am the owner (without premium), I will still get 70% of the robux instead of the 10%?

Sorry, I got the percentage confused. You will only get 10% since there is a 90% marketplace fee for non-premium users.

So it does still apply to group games? And what if someone else in the group with premium sets the game to paid access, will the group get 70% then or is it solely based on the owner

Yes, it applies to everything, group or not. The MPF depends on the group owners premium status, so a friend that is not ranked 255 that has premium won’t make a difference. Unless you transfer ownership or get premium, it’s 90%. No exceptions.

(I highly suggest not buying premium since it is a waste of money as gamepass and dev products have 30% fee for anyone.)

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