Group Icon Feedback

Hello, My friend and I are making a group for making random games. I’m wanting as much feedback I can get on this. It’s very simple. I made it with a photoshopping website called as I am not very good with blender. Just wanting honest feedback and what I can change to improve on. Thank you.

it looks rather simple, maybe add a frame?

Thanks for the feedback! Are you imagining something like this?

It’s not bad since the character actually represents the group, but I do suggest making the silhouette larger and moving it in the center of the frame. Also, try putting the logo a bit higher, so it looks more official.

I do recommend using Blender in the future, though! It’ll help you so much.

Thank you greatly for your feedback! Is this the sort of thing you are imagining?

Silhouette Studios is a taken group name. :frowning:

Looks nice there but I’d say to remove the darkness around the picture as it kinda feels like too much. Besides that I’d say it’s pretty neat! Keep it up.

Thank you for the feedback! I was recommended to add a frame sort of thing, should I have a thin frame still or just a fade?

Is this the sort of thing you were imagining? I think the frame is a good idea, but I might make it transparent.

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It looks pretty good however the proportions of the character look a bit off for example the torso looks a bot warped.