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I recently updated the graphics for both my Discord, and my Roblox group. I’m looking for feedback on what I’ve created as my commissions will be opening to the public on the day of the solstice, which is Saturday.

The graphics are essentially the same, but with some edits for various platforms.

Here are the graphics below; please feel free to point out any mistakes that you deem distracting or negative! :grin:


Please also let me know what version is your favorite!

I love it. It’s pink and colorful and it pops. I think that the bottom icon is better, though, because there’s easily distinguishable words on it. The first icon has hard-to-read words, and the second one doesn’t have any words at all.

Honestly though great work. :cherry_blossom:


The posh look you’ve created legitimately looks amazing. It’s very eccentric. I like how there’s swirls and arrows, and I like how you had a “sunset” or “sorbet” color scheme with oranges, pinks, and whites. The render’s also in a unique pose. I’m going to give more specifics, though.

  1. Your text is a bit hard to read because the color and pattern exactly matches the other pink swirls. They blend together and make it hard to read.
    Especially in the gap between the “h” and the “a”:
    The orange outline of the render is nearly the same hue as the a itself.
    And then here:
    And here:
    The same white used in the “b’s” and the “e” has been used for the “Graphics” text.
    I would consider either changing the colors of the words, or adding some sort of outline/shadow/drop shadow. That way they wouldn’t blend as easily.

  2. I think you should switch the background. I do like how it feels European and faded, but I feel like something else could click better. Right now it’s bright orange and pink on… beige and brown? And the trees to the left are very odd because they look overgrown and old, something I don’t think you’re aiming for.
    There’s also a random signpost hanging out to the right, which distracts and draws my eyes because it’s so dark in such a pretty scene.
    Speaking of dark:

  3. This has already been said but I’ll say it again quickly. The shadows on the render are too extreme and too dark, it should be lightened to fit with the theme.

  4. This is really minor but I don’t really like the stars on the bottom left because they seem too Hollywood-like. There’s also no other object with trails like it, which make it odd.
    It’s minor though so it’s up to you. (as is everything in this post!)

Honestly, good job. It’s a masterpiece no matter how you will change it. Everything’s very consistent color-wise. Please keep up the good work!

It reminds me of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure-

Now time for a ping. @sznix.


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Oh! The first one has my watermark. That’s probably why it’s hard to read.

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I personal like the last version. Its hard to read “Shabbie’s” though because of the colors.(This includes the first image as well). Other than that it looks great! I don’t seen anything to improve on in the second one and the others (Besides the text).

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I love it too, my opinion is the same as @Macawmangrovve12 because it’s pink and colourful and it’s popped, the bottom icon is better, though, because there are easily distinguishable words on it. The first icon has hard-to-read words, and the second one doesn’t have any words at all.

I love it so much.:heart:

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I love it! Very eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. I love the text design on the first one but as the others said, it’s not very distinguishable. If you were to change the colors a teeny bit or add a drop shadow that would be perfect. However, your choice of overlays is amazing! To add on, the pose is great.
Some things I notice though, the render its self is way brighter than the background, so it doesn’t blend in or match. I also noticed heavily dark areas in your render. (Area between legs and arms)
Screenshot (600)

I also think the background could be a bit better to blend in with the render and the overlays. Other than that, I like everything else! (consistent colors, overlays, poses, and text font) I hoped this helped!

Just a tip. When making graphic designs for a while, try taking a 5-minute break or doing something else during the process. This helps you out a lot because when you go back to making graphics again you sort of have a pair of fresh eyes; if you know what I mean.


The think the third is best.
The first seems over crowded and hard to understand.
The second feels like something is missing.
The third hits the spot.

This doesn’t mean the rest are bad however any of the three will make a splendid icon.

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Thanks so much! Your criticism was very in-depth and helped. The “text” that you may see in the first one is actually my watermark! I colored it a little and made it white (it was originally a really dark purple) so I could have it match while adding some flair. :grin: